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Monday, December 4th  
The ultimate environment for the future
Taking all the different developments into account I sat back and tried to blend these into a single complete package:
I now proudly present www.mylife.com (sadly somebody has already claimed the domain).

What it is: it is a complete, customisable web environment in which every user can create tabs for the various aspects of their life: family, friends, sport, weblog, portfolio, learning, etc. Under each tab the owner can add any service he or she wishes to subscribe to. When I say services I mean every single service that is around and a lot more which are still to come: rss feeds, podcasts, list of friends, messages, discussion boards, lists of who's online and the possibility to chat, favorites, photos, video's, music, calendar (birthdays!), weather forecast, etc. Storage is getting cheaper every day, so why not.
You can structure your services under tabs but everything will be instantly accessible for the net-generation to use. Commenting and tagging is of course available.

The system does not necessarily offer the services itself, but is a single place in which the user adds services which can be accessed from this spot.

The user will also be able to store all sorts of documents online and for every single item they can choose to share with the world, with your friends or keep it private. Because it is webbased it is the same on every single computer you wish to access it from.
What more could a user possibly wish for? So who is going to build it? And when will it be available?

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