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Monday, December 4th  
Einstein generation revisited
Last Friday I attended a symposium based on the Einstein Generation and what their presence in our classrooms will mean for our education.
This was extremely apt as a number of Dutch Educausers (myself included) have been asked to comment on the concept of the Net-generation: is it an applicable concept for the Dutch situation?
I am confinced that the youth is different in many ways. I can imagine their exasperation dealing with the ambitious and 'forever young' generation X. They are much more social, they work together and are not just interested in material things but in authentic and real people. ICT is not all that interesting to them: it is there and it works. And if it doesn't: why bother using it.
So what is the difference with the net-generation? For one thing the Einstein generation is not based on technology alone, but is based on a broader perspective include social and cultural background. One aspect Inez Groen descibes is the amalgamation of cultures. Generation X was centred around self-fullfillment. For the new generation honour is more important. Not the individual development is important but the esteem you have within your social group. Is this perhaps related to the mix of second and third generation immigrants into main stream youth culture in the Netherlands?

So what does this generation want as far as ICT is concerned? According to Inez they are not all that interested in online learning, but prefer a personal authentic approach. Small scale and a teacher who is really committed to his/her subject. ICT is nothing special, they expect it to be there and they expect it to work. There are so many free, easy to use tools out there on the web why should the ICT tools offered at their institution be slow and complicated?

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