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Sunday, December 4th  
The VLE, boundaries crossed, 2
I am now starting on a quick catch up on some old news. Wilfred, Pierre and Willem already wrote on this meeting so I will stick to the most important points:
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SURF organised this meeting on the future for VLEs in Dutch higher Ed. Noticeably it was the second time this meeting was held and also noticeably in only one year's time a number of accents had changed.
SAKAI gave a serious presentation. It certainly was positioned as a serious product with a serious perspective for the future. Rather than being directed at it's own development the accent had shifted to open, service oriented. In this respect I was also pleased to hear that the teacher will also have the possibility to place resources out in the open, and not just locked away in the VLE (or CLE as SAKAI likes to call it).
The ELF has been reduced to a EF (e-framework). This also reflects a shift in perspective: a learning platform consist of a lot of services only a few of which are strictly related to e-learning.
Coming from the practical rather than the conceptual level is the PLE. ELGG was presented as an example. It was interesting but I still had the feeling the connection is not yet there.... But of course it is early days yet, people are slow to be infected by the SOA (sorry, pun for my Dutch collegues).
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